What is Abney

What exactly is Abney?

Abney is an AI technology that converts audio into an article

Is it possible for a machine to write anything that a human would enjoy reading?


Abney can create the following assets:

  • Transcript
  • Episode titles
  • Description
  • Key topics
  • Social posts
  • Blog post

What are the benefits of using Abney?

  • Stop waiting for your writer to finish an episode before releasing it.
  • There's no need to struggle to recall what the episode was about to come up with a catchy title.
  • Stop posting subpar transcripts on your blog.
  • No more repeated social media promotions for each show because you lack a quality copy.
  • No more sacrificing valuable SEO juice because you lack the time to compose an excellent blog post.

If you have other questions related to Abney, do not hesitate to reach us at support@abney.ai

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